Podcast #8: Interview with Samuele Marcora

In episode eight of Complementary Training Podcast I am talking to Samuele Marcora. Samuele is a Professor at the University of Kent, investigating the role of mind/brain in endurance performance, fatigue and physical activity.

This is a pretty long episode, but full of actionable insights. Some of the topics we are covering are the following:

  1. Different models of performance/fatigue – The end of “brainless” physiology?
  2. The difference between sense of effort and sense of exertion/exhaustion?
  3. The basis of psychobiological model of performance/fatigue and it’s distinction to Noakes/Tucker Central Governor model?
  4. Can both models be right? Conscious motivational intensity theory vs. subconscious regulation
  5. Different constraints at work (volitional/motivational – subconscious – peripheral): e.g. 30sec Wingate, TT in the heat, 80% pVO2max to exhaustion
  6. What is mental fatigue?
  7. The role of mental fatigue in team sports? How to assess it and how to minimize it?
  8. Suggested reading for S&C/Sport scientists

So definitely worth your time if you are interested in the novel research on fatigue and its application in real life settings. Samuele shared novel findings on mental fatigue research and its application in training, especially team sports.

Samuele can be find on Twitter @SamueleMarcora and Research Gate.



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