Podcast #2: Mike Zourdos on Strength Training

Not sure this could be called podcast – it is more than 3 hours long, so I would say audiobook would be more appropriate name. Anyway, this podcast is indeed fascinating since Mike Zourdos and myself covered plenty of strength training ground, from analyzing famous programs, difference between Daily Undulating Periodization vs Daily Undulating Planning, cycles planning, daily max vs high-frequency training, emotional and boredom issues, in-season training, VBT and so forth. It is even hard to enlist all the topics covered. It is indeed master reference when it comes to strength training.

I was thinking on putting this master piece into multiple shorter pieces, but it was hard to cut it since everything flows from topic to topic without any abrupt change. And my goal is education and sharing, not to ramp up Google ratings with multiple parts anyway.

If you have any further questions please make sure to leave them at Forum and I am pretty sure Mike will answer them. I want to thank Mike for his time and effort to make this happen. Will planned for this chat for a long time and I am pretty sure wait is worthwhile. Enjoy and let us both know what you think.

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