Planning Strength Training for Clients With Fuckarounditis – Part 3

In case you missed the any part of this video series you can find them here: Part 1 | Part 2

As a strength and conditioning coach or personal trainer, how do you deal with clients (or groups) with a very unpredictable schedule or a massive need for variation in training?

How do you make them fitter and stronger while adapting to their fuckarounditis (unpredictability, uncertainty, inconsistency, changeableness)?

In this third and final video of the series, I am continuing a discussion on divisible and un-divisible approaches to planning (which are a fantastic way to increase the variability in training) and finishing the discussion on strategies for internal fuckarounditis by covering modifications of the last phase in strength training cycle – rinse and repeat the phase.

Following this, I have covered strategies for external fuckarounditis (unpredictable schedule), and they involve a distinction between robust and optimal (and how to plan in uncertainty) concept of MVP (minimum viable program) and outstanding don’t break the chain strategy.

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