Novel Strength Metric: Video Interview With Robert Frederick

I stumbled on Robert Frederic by accident, probably through Facebook. I was reading his article on Exertion Load and then I figured out that many moons ago I tried few of his apps, the last one being Strongur (which I highly suggest you try out). Robert is very interesting person: he lives in Thailand, trains Muay Thai, but he is also a developer as well as strength and conditioning coach and a lifter. Definitely someone with a broad view of things. So, after exchanging few messages with him, I decided to do a video interview and a Q&A regarding the “exertion load” metric, as well as his app. We have also touched a bit on Velocity Based Training concepts.

Enjoy the video below and please leave your comments and questions on the forum or Facebook page.

Members of the Complementary Training can download the workbook Robert used to calculate exertion load.

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