New start at the Aspire Academy

I have recently joined the Football Performance and Science department at Aspire Academy in Doha, Qatar, as a football physiologist. My closest colleagues and supervisors are Kenny McMillan, Warren Gregson and  Hani Al-Haddad. Martin Buchheit used to work here, but he recently moved to PSG, Paris.

The roles I will be taking is supporting 1999 and 2000 generation of Aspire footballers with sport science and besides working on data science, mostly using GPS data. I am currently looking for a place to stay with my family around Aspire Zone, e.g. a flat/villa in the compound, so if you know anything/anyone please let me know.

In the last couple of days I’ve managed to get my head around Shiny and already made couple of apps. Hence, you might expect some good data science instructional videos soon. I am working on a video instructional on outlier detection (especially LOF; local outlier factor, which is very useful with multivariate data), clustering and so forth. I am also finishing the Introduction to Statistical Learning book and will have more food for thought. I also have one great blog post in preparation on what I think what should be the next step in training load measurement and performance analysis in team sports.

In the next couple of days I will be publishing interview with Rob Gathercole on using novel metrics in CMJ when evaluating acute and chronic training effects and also interview with, now my colleagues at Aspire, Jose Alberto Mendez Villanueva and Juan Luis Delgado Bordonau on the hot-topic of Tactical Periodization.

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