New Exercise Classification

Every now and then there comes a time when I need to revisit my filling system (or in another world model). Most filling systems have junk drawer for things that cannot be classified, but once the complexity of this drawer reaches a certain threshold the whole filling system needs to be reviewed and reorganized.

The need for this came recently after reading the newest Frans Bosch book (click HERE). It is a tough read, but one that resulted in viewing things a bit differently and with fresh new eyes.

Working alongside Ian “Mackers” McKeown, I wanted to develop a model that provides a “method behind the madness” for some exercises and their progressions we/Ian implement(s) in our program. Ian gave a great CPT lecture a couple of weeks ago where he described some of the rationales behind it, but I was in a need of a simple visual model that explains it in a simple and neat way.

So after a quick brain storm and a whiteboard I ended up with the following:


Please note that this is only a “working model” and something that I will be revisiting.

Here is the video where I dig more into the rationale behind it.

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