5 Great Books To Read For S&C Coaches and Sport Scientists


Adam Owen, who is great practitioner and researcher just published two great applied books on soccer training. I do not have any financial benefit of doing this, rather I want to bring your attention to quality material.

If you are interested in scientific approach to soccer training take a look at these two books. Books can be ordered HERE.

Adam Owen books

Strength and Conditioning

Ian Jeffreys and Jeremy Moody co-edited tremendous resource of strength and conditioning coaches. This is definitely a must have reference.

Sport Science

Steve Ingham compiled years of supporting a high level performance teams in EIS as sport scientist into a book that is a must read for anyone interested in sport science.

Speed Training

Henk Kraaijenhof finally wrote a book. No need to say more. Get it here.


Legends in the field of performance analytics Ian Franks and Mike Hughes just published the new book on soccer analytics.

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