Looking for Warm-up Ideas?

I have found a very interesting video on Mike Boyle’s blog. In the video below he is showing some new thoughts on how to organize your warm-up.

This is a video we did last year showing some new thoughts we had about organizing our warm-up. We like to think FMS when we warmup. That means a squat pattern exercise, a hip flexion/ stepping exercise, a split squat, some rotary and linear core, and some shoulder and t-spine. You won’t see every one in this clip but, remember we foam roll and static stretch prior and do some additional dynamic warm-up after.

Mike Boyle

If you would like to find more interesting content with Mike on Complementary Training check out these two interviews:

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Few Thoughts on the Warm-up

Over the years, I’ve changed my point of view regarding the warm-up, from the idea that it represents a component with a distinctive objectives separated from the main part, towards the idea that it represents potent time to address individual needs while setting the stage for the themes of the main part.


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