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Are you an S&C coach or trainer seeking a tool that can help you maximize your athletes’ performance?

Look no further! The Strength Card Builder is your ultimate solution for optimizing strength and conditioning programs and elevating athletic potential.

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What is the Strength Card Builder?

The Strength Card Builder is a cutting-edge tool designed with professional coaches and trainers in mind. Within minutes, create beautifully designed printable workout cards tailored to your athletes’ individual needs. With user-defined set and rep schemes, exercises, and an extensive 1RMs database, this tool makes program customization a breeze.

Why Choose the Strength Card Builder?

  1. Unrivaled Exercise Library: Gain access to over 200 exercises, meticulously categorized and paired with detailed instructions. No matter the sport or training goals, you’ll find exercises that fit the bill perfectly.
  2. Ready-to-Use Set and Rep Schemes: Benefit from over 1900 pre-filled set and rep schemes (out of 2000 possible) to create personalized workout routines in seconds. Empower your athletes with tailored training plans.
  3. Versatile Workout Cards: The Strength Card Builder offers 4 single-athlete workout cards (2, 3, 4, and 6 days a week) and 2 group workout cards (6×10 and 12×8). Adaptable to any schedule or team size!
  4. Expansion Pack for Enhanced Coaching: Enrich your training programs with exercise images and videos, providing your athletes with a comprehensive visual guide for peak performance.
  5. Intuitive User Interface: The Strength Card Builder features conditional drop-down lists for exercises and set and rep schemes, making workout customization seamless and efficient.
  6. Stay ahead of the game: Monitor progressions, volume, intensities per exercise, or category, all at your fingertips.
  7. Program Management Made Easy: Save and recall programs effortlessly, ensuring consistency and easy adjustments to your training plans.
  8. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Whether you’re on Mac or Windows, the Strength Card Builder works flawlessly with Excel versions from 2010 and onwards.

Checkout the PDF previews of the Strength Card Builder outputs:

  1. Individual card
  2. Group card – portrait (12×8)
  3. Group card – landscape (6×10)
  4. Individual card with images
  5. Group card with images – portrait (12×8)
  6. Group card with images – landscape (5×10)

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Take the first step towards revolutionizing your training programs and unlocking the full potential. Embrace the Strength Card Builder and experience the transformation for yourself.

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NEW: Strength Card Builder 3.2

I am very glad to announce new version of Strength Card Builder. In this version I have added Print Athletes function that allows you to print training workout cards for the bulk of your athletes with one click. This is very easy way of generating individualized printouts for your athletes.


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