Individualization – Are We Doing It Wrong?

This is the screen cast video from Evolution of Athlete Conference where I couldn’t participate live due relocation to Qatar. I’ve discussed some of issues behind concept of individualization and provided simple theoretical framework. We still have a lot to go in practice, but at least this model can give us some directions.

I have also discussed some application to HIT conditioning with team sport athletes in group settings, along some ideas for strength training prescription. You can also download slides and follow along, as well as used references.


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On Individualization

In the video below, I am using framework outlined in Three Different Aspects of Training Load Monitoring and provide some thoughts on individualization, especially the fact that individualization can and should be applied on multiple scales, and just because you are using relative training intensities (e.g. %1RM, %MAS) or relative training load (e.g. volume of running expressed as…

Strength in Motion – Seminar review

Just a quick heads up and short review of the Strength in Motion seminar by Joel Jamieson, Patrick Ward and Charlie Weingroff. I guess the title is not adequate, since this seminar deals very little with strength or strength training, but rather it covers advanced concepts of training individualization, monitoring, rehab and prehab strategies, HRV, work capacity, etc. I…


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