How to load inverted row?

Inverted row on the gymnastic rings is one of my favorite upper body horizontal pull exercises. The problems start to emerge once you become strong enough to do more than 10-12 reps with feet elevated. The simple solution is to use weight-vest – if you are lucky enough to have one.

Second option is to pile bumper/normal plates on your abs/hips. I like to use this version up to certain number of plates, after that it just tend to slide and move, or just become painful (if you don’t have bumper versions).

On the video below is the version I started experimenting with. I usually do the same setup for loaded ring push-ups (great exercise for upper body horizontal push btw), so I was wondering will this work.

The key is to use higher box (bench won’t work) and set up the rings a bit higher, with the goal of creating more space between you and the ground.

It is also easier to load while standing than on the ground, and very easy to do it with kettlebell.

Sorry for the video quality – it was made with iPhone4 during the usual gym visit.

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