How to Easily Collaborate With Your Team and Create the Efficient Annual Plan

Google Sheets is an amazing web app that allows real time editing from multiple users. This makes it perfect and at the same time simple tool for collaboration, since everyone can see changes the other users made, as well as their history, comments and so on. Forget about sending files back and forth via email, or having corrupt files in your Dropbox – those days are behind you! Google Sheets (actually the whole of Google Docs) makes collaboration a breeze. Besides that, it is completely FREE!

Google Docs also has the iPad versions of the apps, which you can use both online and offline to edit the data when you are on the field, or on the move, or otherwise away from the desktop computer. You can collect and store monitoring data in Google Sheets from multiple users, and also sync it with Power BI for analysis and visualization. By combining these two tools, you can overcome any obstacle that prevents you from creating an efficient annual plan and all of the necessary reports related to it.

Unfortunately, some clubs still don’t use the shared calendars, to begin with. All this is very easy for setting up and since these tools are completely free, all you need to get started is just a good will and you will enjoy its benefits in no time!

That is the main reason why I have decided to make a Lean Annual Planner, which you can put on Google Sheets with two clicks only. It allows you to easily create a flexible annual plan and sessions calendar for your team.

The main advantage of Lean Annual Planner is that more coaches can work on the process of creating the annual plan, all at the same time. In addition, they can also monitor changes, add comments, and do so much more…

To get a glimpse of its simplicity, flexibility, and power, please take a look at the short video below.

Lean Annual Planner is completely free for all of the Complementary Training members! Our members can download it simply, just by clicking on the link below.

If you are still not our member, I would like to invite you to take this opportunity and become part of our large community! You can enjoy in unlimited access to the educative, fresh and exciting content on our site, as well as get this product for FREE!

As a member of Complementary Training, you can access the Annual Planner(Google Sheets Version) by clicking on

I am more than interested in seeing the ways you are using the Annual Planner. So please be free to share screenshots on the forum or send it over to my email.

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