GPS Training in Team Sports

On Friday, 27th March I will be giving a webinar on GPS use in team sports at Brendan Chaplin’s “Meeting of the Minds” 2015 Conference.

I have written a bit on making sense on GPS data, but in this webinar I plan expanding further and covering things such as:

  • Drills classification using clustering algorithms
  • Use of absolute vs. relative zones
  • Metabolic power potential uses (judging real-time fatigue and creating power~duration profile)
  • Regulating physical workload and creating impulse~response models
  • Use of GPS in return to play programs
  • Other things on GPS, along with reliability, usefulness and so forth

Brendan offered £50 OFF for all members of Complementary Training. Take this opportunity and register on the following link. There will be plenty of experts to listen to and I am more than looking forward to it.

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