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I just wanted to give you a heads up for the articles written by Howard Gray at his blog. His paper/poster on sRPE/TL (Polar Team2) influenced me to create my own monitoring system. This is my way to express my gratitude to Howard. Enjoy the links!

Howard Gray ETSU

Preseason: Low volume & always avoiding fatigue?
Scientific Poster: Pilot Study – Tracking Session RPE TRIMP During an NCAA D1 Men’s Soccer Season with Special Emphasis on Practical Application
Sport Science Poster: Between the Polar Team2 Training Load and Session-RPE Training Load as Methods of Monitoring Training and Games in NCAA Division 1 Male Soccer Players
The effectiveness of the strength and conditioning coach
Monitoring training part I – can’t see the wood for the trees
Monitoring training part II – using RPEs to track intensity & volume
Monitoring training part III – calculating & analyzing load, monotony, and strain
The other side of monitoring – keeping track of outside stressors

I am a little bit sick, so I was staying home for the last two days and I have been reading Science of Winning by Jan Olbrecht. Some interesting info, but I am really confused by his capacity/power definition. Hell, going back to reading….


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I know I have been neglecting my blogging lately, but trust me – I have been busy… really busy. I started working for Hammarby Fotball Club in Stockholm, Sweden from January, 2012. And yes, it is damn cold and my fingers were frozen so I couldn’t type anything on the blog. Luckily it is getting warmer and I am…

Playing With Statistics [Part 1]

Recently I have seen EXCELLENT presentation from Stuart Cormack regarding monitoring in rugby. They utilize GPS, biochemical monitoring, sRPE and Neuromuscular fatigue testing and create light system that red-flags players that need more attention and are away from their usual variability, both to their individual baseline and team baseline (they utilize standard difference score and rolling averages over 4…

Kubios HRV analysis

I wanted to repost the link to Kubios, Finish University website posted by Canadian coach Derek Hansen at Charlie Francis’ forum. User guide is also available here and I guess it provides some good info on HRV. I plan getting a Suunto or Polar watch myself and play with it a little. Although I am wondering is there any need…


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