Few Thoughts on MMA Program Design

I have been recently involved in designing and implementing a physical preparation program for the local MMA club Car Dušan Silni at my friend’s gym Superiorni Atleta.

In the video below, I am going through some of my thought processes and rationale regarding the implemented program. I am discussing the overall philosophy of training, top-down approach vs. bottom-up approach, how to deal with attendance issues, how to build robust program and MVP (minimum viable program), should extra conditioning be implemented and how, and much more.

If you are interested in the physical preparation of the combat athletes, please give this a listen and leave your comments below. Interested to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Mentioned References

  1. The Strength & Conditioning Handbook for Combat Sports by Geoffrey Chiu
  2. The Combat Sports Strength and Conditioning Manual by Will Morrill
  3. Ultimate MMA Conditioning by Joel Jamieson
  4. Strength Training Manual by Mladen Jovanović

Other Resources Available at the Site

  1. MMA Training Classification Using Bondarchuk System by Mladen Jovanović
  2. Strength Training Planning for Combat Athletes & Exercise Selection by William Wayland
  3. Fight Camp Planning – a Big Picture Approach by Lukas Pezenka
  4. An Integrated Approach to Training Kickboxers – Part 1: Introduction by Lukas Pezenka
  5. An Integrated Approach to Training Kickboxers – Part 2: Implementation by Lukas Pezenka
  6. Strength Card Builder

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