Designing Strength and Conditioning Programs

Mike Boyle was kind enough to provide Complementary Training members with this short course on strength and conditioning programs design.

Pragmatist as he is, Mike presents easy-to-understand and easy-to-use steps and rationales for designing a “generalist” (as I like to call them; i.e., the “non-specialists”) program.

In this short course, Mike provides the following:

  1. His philosophy of program design (happy medium between Crossfit and corrective exercises by balancing risk vs. benefit)
  2. Strength standards for males and females
  3. Phases of strength program (e.g., base, strength, accumulation)
  4. How to adapt the training program to off-season, pre-season, and in-season and what is wrong with the textbook examples
  5. Components of a single session (tissues quality, warm-up, power, strength)

This how-to mini-course is an outstanding example of the “bottoms-up” approach to training design, where one deals with “where the rubber meets the road” constraints, such as facility limitations, equipment availability, team/group logistics, rather than the “top-down” approach of some textbook-style long term periodization.

If you are into no-bull explanations, this mini-course is a must-watch!

We would like to thank Mike for sharing his wisdom and experience with us.

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