Google Sheets for Sports Science Course

We are proud to present to you Google Sheets for Sports Science course. The intention of this course is to open your eyes to Google Sheets and gain skills to become a Google Spreadsheet power user!
Zoran · April 4, 2022

Despite the accelerating sophistication of commercial software tools and the increasing popularity of open-source coding tools like r and Shiny, the world still runs on spreadsheets. Although Excel rules the spreadsheet world, Google Sheets is more than a pretender and offers a number of features that have huge potential to change the way sports scientists collect and manage day-to-day operations and collaborate with athletes and support staff, especially if they are running on a limited budget.

Rather than an exhaustive Google Sheets user guide, this series of videos provides a flyover of basic functionality and uses three projects to demonstrate its capabilities.

If you are an Excel user you already know how to use Google Sheets, but in this course, you will learn how it can be much more powerful than Excel.

The intention of this course is to open your eyes to Google Sheets and the power of the entire Google Suite.

In this course, you will learn the following:

  1. Collecting data with Google Forms
  2. Building dashboards from multiple data streams
  3. Creating a collaborative monitoring system
  4. Building a strength training template
  5. and much much more…

Who is this course for?

This course is meant for sports scientists, strength and conditioning coaches, performance managers, and anyone looking to master Google Spreadsheets for sports.

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