Blog opening…

It took me a while to decide to open a blog. It seems that I needed a place for my thoughts and articles. I guess I made a good decision. Time will tell.

Since this is my first blog experience, expect some design changes over time as my blogging skills improve.

What could you expect from this blog? Well, I guess the first thing I will do is to put some of my articles and then continue with random thoughts, research reviews, case studies, etc.
Hopefully, both I and the followers will enjoy the journey. the destination is still unknown. Let the new concepts/ideas “emerge under constraints” (although there is nothing new under the Sun).

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Back to business…

I was quite busy lately and actually on training camp on Cyprus with FC RAD (you can check some of the pics here), thus I was not able to post much (or at all). I have actually met great Roberto Sassi in Larnaca when we played against FC Dynamo from Moscow. He was tracking his players HRs using Polar system. Unfortunately,…


I know I have been neglecting my blogging lately, but trust me – I have been busy… really busy. I started working for Hammarby Fotball Club in Stockholm, Sweden from January, 2012. And yes, it is damn cold and my fingers were frozen so I couldn’t type anything on the blog. Luckily it is getting warmer and I am…


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