Agile Periodization: Decision Making Under Uncertainty [Part 2]

In the first part of the Agile Periodization series I have covered issues and limitations of the contemporary planning/periodization strategies, and the idea that as practitioners we need to figure out how to make good decisions when facing uncertainties. In this final part, I am providing potential solutions to the issues identified.

Here is the short overview of the topics covered:

  1. Iterative planning
  2. The concept of MVP: Minimum Viable Program and Minimum Viable Performance
  3. The use of heuristics, or fast and frugal rules, in uncertain situations
  4. How “Barbell Strategy” by Nassim Taleb can be implemented in performance domain and how helpful it is to protect from the downside and reap the benefits from the upside
  5. The fine work by Al Vermeil analysed under the light of the barbell strategy (e.g. how to individualize the training for the individual/group and the concept of criteria-based planning)
  6. How to reconcile mixed-parallel periodization with unidirectional periodization, and how both can be applied using Al Vermiel ideas combined with the barbell strategy
  7. The concept of embedded testing
  8. The use of kanban boards and how to use it improve the transparency and communication in performance teams
  9. Why randomization is not a villain and how can be utilized in planning/periodization

I am the first to pinpoint to the fact that there is nothing new under the Sun, but the Agile Periodization is indeed a novel concept and provides great framework to understand how should we make planning decisions when facing uncertainties and complexity. Contemporary planning experts, who are highly influenced by concepts from physiology and biomechanics, usually never consider the uncertainty/risk issues when planning and how to deal with them. Looking at planning/periodization from risk/uncertainty perspective explains a lot of hard questions, and as such represents truly unique and original viewpoint, that haven’t been discussed anywhere so far.

The slides that follow up the videos can be downloaded here.


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