Agile Periodization: Concepts and Ideas

Continuing on the topic of Agile Planning, I made a more “practical” video about concrete applications in performance environment. In this video I’ve utilized Dave Snowden awesome Cynefin Framework in distinguishing Simple, Complicated, Complex and Chaotical systems and problems and how they might demand different approaches.

In my mind, most of the planning strategies in performance environments comes from Complicated “quadrant” (see Tylor’s Scientific Management), where things are seen as “mechanical” where A causes B. Unfortunately, or luckily, performance environment are more in Complex domain end demand different planning strategies and decision making. I try to cover that in this video.

Among other things I compare some of the training systems of Tudor Bompa, Vladimir Issurin and Yuri Verkhoshansky to those of Charlie Francis, Anatoly Bondarchuk and Al Vermeil.

Members of Complementary Training can also download the Excel file I used to outline the annual plan.


Since this is pretty much “novel” idea (even if it is not) I am really open to any suggestions and critiques. Let me know what you think on the forum.


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