ACLR Post-Op Diary – Week 4

17-Dec-2022 Saturday (22nd day after surgery)

Today I went to the new facility and did some single leg extension, since the machine was there. I went from 90 to 30 degrees (approx) without any weight. Then with 5, and eventually with 10 kg. With the right leg I did 4×10 with 45kg or something like that. I might be math freak, but when it comes to prescription, I am pretty lose here – it is important to be consistent and show trend. Doing isoSandwich or the badger protocol might also help to reduce too quick weight/load increments.

The Badger Protocol

The Badger or the IsoSandwich is pretty much isoHold done before, after, or both, when doing reps. For example, if I plan doing 15 reps, I will also add 15 sec holds before and after those reps. The hold can of course be longer/shorter, done as IsoHold or IsoPush. Doesn’t really matter.

After the workout, I went for the walk around the local lake. It was around 3k. I have put some elastic wrap around the knee. Walking is getting more normal without any effusion later. The knee extension might be affected, but easily solvable by doing some passive/active knee hangs.

Planned to go to the gym afterwards, but ended up watching a basketball game, then heading for the drinks in the city. After three Negronis, I was drunk, thus I went home to sleep.

18-Dec-2022 Sunday (23nd day after surgery)

Funny enough, my knee feels looser and I feel hangover. Nothing that a bunch of water and a cold shower will not solve. Spent the morning working on the computer with occasional mobility of the knee (knee props – or passive knee hangs). Maybe I should start loading these knee props with extra weight more regularly.

The knee flexion is also getting much better and now I can bend the knee while being prone without any issues, both with foot in dorsiflexion and plantarflexion.

The gym workout today was a bit longer and tougher. Started with the bike of 5 min to warm -up, proceeded with the Slavic joint mobility circuit and ground based mobility.

Igor, our physio was in the gym, so we did some balance drill with the tennis ball. He was tossing the ball towards me, while I was standing on one leg, including ground balls too. Finished up with a simple drill of collecting the ball from the ground while standing on one leg from multiple positions going in half a circle with both left and right hand.

Did some isometric holds for the hamstring by keeping the legs elevated on the small step up, for 30-45 sec. Followed by bench press and standing cable single arm row, all for high reps. I have thrown some hip bridges, clams, and abductors using the mini band as well.

Since Igor is going to the new facility where the extension machine is, I went there as well and did 30-15-15-15 for the left leg using 10kg in the 90-30 range using BFR. Right leg did 4×10-12 reps with 45+ kg in a full range.

I went back to the gym and finished with:

  • Air squats x 15 reps on a bench (ROM is improving); I also did squats with holding small kettlebell between legs.
  • RDLs with 2x10kg dumbbells, 15 reps
  • Single leg calf rises, 15 reps each side
  • Finished with 10min bicycle. The ROM is getting better and I can cycle faster and with higher resistance (it is spinner) without any issues.

I was too tired in the evening to do Compex NMES, so I skipped it.

19-Dec-2022 Monday (24th day after surgery)

Woke up with some pain in the knee, or more in hamstring. Probably the isometric holds yesterday did it job in stressing the knee. Proceeded to do some knee mobilization. Decided to take it easy today.

But then, I said fuck it, I will do some BFR squats while I am in the room. To my own surprise, the ROM is much better and I can probably reach half-squat position. Unfortunately, one of my BFR straps failed, and I had to use only one, which was on my left (ACLR) leg. I have emailed the manufacturer to let them know and to inform me what to do.

Friend came over to academy since we need to collect the data. Did not train today at all.

20-Dec-2022 Tuesday (25th day after surgery)

Had an early session in the morning.

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