ACLR Post-Op Diary – Week 3

10-Dec-2022 Saturday (15th day after surgery)

Woke up around 8:00, after 10 hours of sleeping. Knee was painful in the morning, but after mobility on the foam roller (i.e., simple extension-flexion while holding foam roller under my ankle) sorted it out.

I have removed the patches from my knee (@#fig-knee-patches). The scar and everything was clean and very tidy. Other complimented on the surgeon job (thank you, pun intended).

Figure 1: Knee without patches

After my pre-workout, went to the gym and you can see the workout below. I also managed to cycle! Hoooray. This is a major step forward. I also did some simple upper-body workout that you cannot see on the video: push ups against the bench, delt flys, biceps curls, and triceps cable extension. This is the stuff I never do (except push ups and delt flys), but not they feel great – I am working out. A major step, especially mentally.

After a workout, went to grab some food and went straight to Nikola again. He continue doing deep tissue work, and now that area didn’t feel as painful. We did quad activation with his help to extend the knee (hyperextend). I can feel the heel moving away from the bench, which is great. Did some walking drills – feels much better once I have the full hyper-extension of the knee (see video below). Still work to be done.

Went back to my room for some nap, and to write this entry. Did some passive knee mobilization.

We have two games at the academy, and I am just heading to see seniors play. Planned to finish the day with Compex NMES, but ended up wrapping and elevating my leg, since due to training, walking, and sitting on the match, the leg got swollen.

If I had my car here, I think I should be able to drive (manual shift). I think I should switch to phase two.
After the usual morning routine…

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